• July 7, 2019

Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Tape

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Mother Nature is powerful beyond comprehension, and when she shows herself in full force, the results are terrifying. With smartphone technology, we’re now seeing more videos than ever emerging in the wake of natural disasters, so there’s plenty of footage out there to prove just how destructive our planet can be. Here’s my list of the top ten worst natural disasters caught on tape. Be warned, some of the footage is pretty shocking.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Tape

    1. In my town we keep having rain even tho theres literally no clouds.the thunder rolls w/o taking a break..its not the craziest thing but its definatly weird.

  1. what is the most disturbing weather that I ever seen what that I saw on video tape was was the hurricane that struck entire city which it wasn’t just one hurricane after that hurricane another hurricane came and it struck the city again for what I would call I think about two thousand people in each community died 😢😞🤧😫

  2. I’m a native Californian so I grew up with earthquakes but I’ve lived half my life in Oklahoma and I deal with tornadoes.
    We just had historical flooding in our region, levees and lake levels have surged up to 30 ft. Some areas the water was up to the ceiling. Personally my home wasn’t damaged but it was getting close, the backyard was a swamp.
    I’m sure you’ll see footage of all this pretty soon and it’ll be in another list. This affected surrounding states like Kansas and Missouri too.

  3. All of these Natural disasters are bad and not to be taken lightly. We should always be alert when it comes to these types of disasters.

  4. Yeah the Clinton used the tragedy in Haiti to make millions of dollars hundreds of billions of dollars off of human trafficking and charities ,I don’t understand why God let’s people like Bill and Hillary Clinton have air to breathe ?

    1. @BrazilLady I see and if you support them you’ll see two when you’re in hell ,God ain’t going to let people like them go on forever , and if you support them you just as bad as they are , so you’ll be in the same place they are, stick it in your pipe and smoke it motherfuker .

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