• December 13, 2018

Top 10 Worst Things Goku Has Done

Top 10 Worst Things Goku Has Done
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The Super Hero of the Dragon Ball series has done some amazing things in his time; Defeating villains, saving planet earth, and abandoning his family. Wait what? For this list we’re looking at the not so honorable things done by everyone’s favourite anime character. Though he may have defeated Majin Buu, Black, Zamasu, and even Jiren, Goku’s dastardly deeds are not to be ignored. From setting up the tournament of Power to giving cell a Senzu bean, Goku’s dirty laundry is all out on display here!

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10. Offering Up Bulma To Old Kai
9. Creating Broly By Crying Too Much
8. Never Kissed His Wife
7. Letting Frieza Reach 100%
6. Letting Vegeta Live
5. Inappropriate Behaviour
4. Blowing Up King Kai’s Planet
3, 2, 1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Things Goku Has Done

  1. Number 2 is stupid. If it wasn’t for Goku, all of the universes would have been wiped out anyway. The tournament is the only reason Zeno didn’t just wipe everything out. Atleast speak to someone like Geekdom before making a dodgy list Iike this.

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