Top 100 Songs Of The Week – January 6, 2018 (Billboard Hot 100)

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Top 100 Songs Of The Week January 6, 2018 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Top Songs Of January 6, 2018
Top Songs 2018

A collection of the top 100 best songs of the week in January 2018 in USA according to the official Chart. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience. If you enjoy our videos please make sure to subscribe.

▶Top 100 Most Liked Songs Of All Time:

▶Top 100 Most Viewed Songs Of All Time:

▶Try Not To Sing Along Challenge:

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12 thoughts on “Top 100 Songs Of The Week – January 6, 2018 (Billboard Hot 100)

  1. 100: seems lit
    99: amazing song
    98: i love all 1D songs idc
    97: seems boring
    96: love this sonnnng
    95: love this one too!
    94: havent listened to yet but lit?
    93: great song
    92: probably lit
    91: love this one!
    90: idk it but it seems kinda lit
    89: boring af
    88: lit af love it
    87: idk it yet
    86: meh
    85: lowkey lit asf
    84: seems crap
    83: idk it yet
    82: i don’t like BTS i’m sorry
    81: kinda good not really tho
    80: fucking love this one!!
    79: i think i would like this one idk tho
    78: i don’t know the full song yet
    77: seems whack
    76: only good country song on this list
    75: whack asf
    74: love this song!!! Better than despacito
    73: it’s kinda alright
    72: a little boring
    71: idk it yet
    70: kinda good
    69: LOVE THIS SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!
    68: seems good but idk the full song
    67: funny af
    66: kinda good kinda bad
    65: i think it’s lit idk
    64: I surprisingly love this song
    63: annoying
    62: boring af
    61: better than LWYMMD
    60: seems underrated i actually love this song
    59: lit for what i’ve seen
    58: worst song on the list
    57: lit afffffff
    56: boring
    55: love it
    54: seems like a lowkey great song
    53: lil lit song
    52: boring
    51: love it
    50: love posty🤘🏻🤘🏻
    49: too much swear words
    48: her other songs are better
    47: old but gold af
    46: annoying asf
    45: wtf?!
    44: best from marshmello!! (Or alone lol)
    43: one of the best from the revival album
    42: 5/10 it seems good but idk
    41: love this so much!!!!
    40: Ed sheeran and future should make a song without taylor
    39: best from charlieee
    38: annoying af
    37: that’s what i like!
    36: idk a little boring
    35: love this songgg
    34: great song and amazing message
    33: it’s okay
    32: original is way better
    31: love it this ma shit
    30: echame la culpa is better this getting a little bit boring
    29: good song
    28: issa 10/10
    27: love it
    26: hated but now i actually like it
    25: i love imagine dragonssss
    24: g eazy verse is most the reason why i like it
    23: underrated i love this
    22: the most lit gang is migos facts
    21: liked it but it’s getting a little bit annoying
    20: idk i like it but i’m getting bored of it
    19: love it still
    18: Khalid is great!
    17: probably one of the top 5 best songs on here
    16: fucking love it!!
    15: this is better than the other one he did 😂😂
    14: idk it properly
    13: best for christmas but it’s over lol
    12: great song
    11: love this so much!!
    10: bit overrated but non the less i kinda like it
    9: a little bit boring
    8: way to good for being a terrible song
    7: love it!!
    6: idgaf i love this shit
    4: lit af i fuck wit dis shit
    3: i used to like it a lot but now it’s alright
    2: still lit af
    1: amazing voice!!

    Like if you agree with most of what i said 🙂

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