• August 13, 2019

Top 20 Supervillains of All Time

With the insane amount of villains in the worlds of Marvel and DC you just knew we couldn’t keep it to a Top 10! For this list we’ll be looking at the greatest Comic Book villains of all time such as The Joker, Thanos, Magneto and Venom. Who’s your favorite Supervillain? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Top 20 Supervillains of All Time

  1. Deathstroke should in top 10 because first he appear in teen titan but later he became villan for green,batman and superman
    So total he was villan for 4 comic

  2. my list
    20. The Penguin
    19. Kang
    18. Carnage
    17. Mystique
    16. Bane
    15. Vulture
    14. Bullseye
    13. the riddler
    12. Brainiac
    11. Galactus
    10. Loki
    9. shredder
    8.Red Skull
    7. Dr Doom
    6. Darkseid
    3. Green Goblin
    2. Joker

  3. Victor Buono as King Tut, Roddy McDowall as Bookworm, Art Carney as The Archer, Van Johnson as Minstrel, Shelley Winters as Ma Parker, Liberace as Chandell/Harry, Milton Berle as Louie the Lilac, and the best Vincent Price as Egghead, plus many more from the 1966 Batman tv series. Of course, Romero, Gorshin, Meredith and Newmar’s Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman, are in a class of rheir own. Honorable mention to Herr Siegfried from KAOS, and Dr. Zachary Smith.

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