• October 18, 2017

Top 3 Things You Missed in Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere

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The Star Wars Rebels season 4 premiere brought us two action packed episodes, The Heroes of Mandalore Part 1 and Part 2. As is the case with every Rebels episode, it was loaded with easter eggs, subtle nods and all kinds of other Star Wars references and fantastic moments. Today we’re looking at the 3 best moments that not everyone may have picked up on.

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10 thoughts on “Top 3 Things You Missed in Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere

  1. That, or Clan Rook is more insidious than first thought… heck, after thousands of years, maybe clanless Mandalorians took up the banner so they wouldn’t be outcasts or whatever!

  2. My guess is that clan Rook was probably a name picked from a bag, OR the writers plan to make clan Rook infiltrate Bo-Katan’s group of allies and aid the empire from within. I hope it’s the latter, because that would be interesting.

  3. well if thousands of years doesnt earn you legitimacy how did all those usurpers and kings in real history claimed the right to thrones of empires?

  4. I hate it that they are cutting down on violence in this show, in Clone Wars they had no problem stabbing people through chest with a lightsaber, or decapitation with lightsaber, in this one they cut of guns with lightsabers.

  5. They should just kill of Ezra, he is Wesley of Star Wars, he is annoying and I hate it that they are trying to make him a comedic relief during serious scenes, he is Jar Jar of Rebels, do they want a serious show or a kids comedy, you can’t have both.

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