• April 1, 2017

Top 40 Songs of The Week – April 08, 2017 (UK BBC CHART)

Top Songs of the Week in UK, ranked by BBC
Best Songs Of April, 2017

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(United Kingdom) Top 40 Songs of The Week – April 08, 2017

14 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs of The Week – April 08, 2017 (UK BBC CHART)

  1. 40: meh
    39: drake you cant do anything, hotline bling was a nice meme but now fuck off
    38: dont like it
    37: oke drake now it’s enough get out of my view
    36: hey that’s pretty good
    35: idk
    34: drake please just go away
    33: not original
    32: drake is the worst singer ever, the autotune though
    31: this guy is so soft but trying to be a big guy, pretty funny song haha, love it
    30: nice
    29: how do they get so many hitsongs? it’s ok
    28: good lyrics, not really like it
    27: no, not every song should be in this list, some songs are pure shit, where is *congratulations from post malone?*
    26: It’s weird but i like it
    25: drake please stop it
    24: this song is comparable to drake, shitty and bad
    23: it’s ok
    22: idk
    21: –
    20: this is good
    19: i might like it
    18: didnt like it first but it’s pretty good
    17: 18
    16: yeah this is nice, original and well made
    15: meh
    14:so terrible
    13: it’s ok
    12: Ed sheeran is way too overrated
    11: yeah pretty good, well made
    10: how did drake get to the top
    8: yeah i like this
    7: good one
    6: it’s a good song but not catchy
    5: orginal, but gets annoying pretty quickly
    4: need to play it more often to get used to
    3: passionfruit? what is he even talking about?
    2: good one, country is pretty good
    1: heard this too much, but love it

    Drake is shit
    Not every song of Ed Sheeran is good
    These need to be replaced

    1. True I hate him too for me all his songs sound the same and doesn’t even make sense ed tracks seem to be hyped all tracks not that good

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