• December 17, 2016

Top 5 Disturbing Drone Facts​

Top 5 Disturbing Drone Facts​

Depending on which ones you are talking about, drones are either super fun or super deadly. Drone strikes, right? But while military drones like the Predator drone prowl skies with alarming frequency, consumer UAV like the parrot drone are increasing in popularity, and police are using them for surveillance, bringing up legal issues along the way. And did we mention that drone pizza delivery is a thing? On this episode of Top 5 Facts, we share the most surprising and interesting facts we could find about drones.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Disturbing Drone Facts​

  1. If you did something to deserve it, or have a wanted level, or are part of
    or sympathize with a known terror group, domestic or not then you deserve
    to lose your privacy. They should’ve not just sent spy drones to terrorists
    they should’ve just sent attack ones that can both attack and confirm what
    was seen so they can end a threat immediately. WASNT THAT THE ORIGINAL IDEA?
    Every one’s scared of “big brother” an yet that’s EXACTLY the sorta America
    and world Clinton and supporters are trying to create. An half the world
    wants to follow her instead of common sense and what’s best for where they

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