• April 17, 2017

Top 5 Facts about Chemical Weapons

Top 5 Facts about Chemical Weapons
With the recent events transpiring in Syria surrounding chemical weapons (Sarin Gas), our fears are quite appropriately placed on this subject. In this episode of Top 5 Facts we count down some scary facts about Chemical Weapons and the countries that have yet to ban them. We’ll ask questions like; What do chemical weapons do? How do Nerve Agents / Choking Agents / Blister Agents / Blood Agents kill someone? Is mustard gas, chlorine, and phosphine dangerous? Which countries haven’t signed the weapons ban? What is White Phosphorus? and many more.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Facts about Chemical Weapons

  1. its sad to see my own people get killed and bombed by a shit head that wont give up his dictatorship and btw this fucking piece of garbage aka bashar al assad didn’t win fair his dad did a co up then after his dad died he become the president with no elections or anything

  2. God please burn Bashar Al Assad and all his supporters and the likes of him in the deepest depth of hell the lowest of the low where the flames itself is burnt to black make him fuel for your fire to burn and reborn to burn for eternity “For them there will be no food except from a poisonous, thorny plant” him and all the dictator leaders who kill innocent children,elders and women

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