Top 5 Reasons Anime Should NEVER Be Adapted to Hollywood

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Top 5 Reasons Anime Should NEVER Be Adapted to Hollywood
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With failures like Dragon Ball Evolution, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and Speed Racer, it makes you wonder why the hell they keep doing this. Well, here’s five things JJ Abrams should keep in mind when he adapts Your Name into a live action film. Whitewashing, production nightmares, crap scripts, its all here – so stand with us as we cower in fear at how bad the Akira and Battle Angel Alita movies are going to be…

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Anime Should NEVER Be Adapted to Hollywood

  1. Rule #1 of creating live action Hollywood anime: white wash the character

    Rule #2: scrub away all that made the characters awesome or relatable

    Rule #3 (now this is important): make EVERYTHING Americanised and if we leave any Japanese culture or sub text, make it seem stereotypical, no matter how illogical the stereotype we force on them is

  2. The funny thing is, Edge of tomorrow or live die repeat is an Americanised version of a kick ass manga called all you need is kill. And it was done (surprisingly) right

  3. And dragon ball z movies are easy to make, the problem is anyone would try to hard, its a show about guys that scream, constantly train and get stronger, big flashes of light and trying to be bad ass as possible, when you try to over think it, it would fail, and it did. DBZ is the only movie M Bay could actually do well, if it has as much story as the show, thin, and thats not why you watch it, its all about the effects and explosions, thats all M Bay is capable of doing. He could just copy it, and it would work, as long as theres no random hot chick for no reason, okay if he has to, he can give Freeza boobs, and do some weird star trek sex appeal if he really has to, because no body can figure out his gender anyway, outside of that, M Bay could do Dragon Ball. Even though id prefer him to die and stop killing my childhood. If he touches Beast Wars or Thunder Cats, we need to stop him… matter the cost……

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