• August 28, 2016

Top 5 Road Rage Facts

Top 5 Road Rage Facts. On the road, safety always comes first. Well, except when ego comes into play. Welcome to ‘s Top 5 Facts. Almost all of the research we found on the topic dealt with road rage in North America, and especially in the US, so that’s mostly what these facts focus on. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Road Rage Facts

  1. I calmed my road rage by using my observation skill in which I can reenact
    what he could have done better but did not and therefore he is an idiot.

  2. The Road Rage assholes .Really dumb since they just did not use 911 ,In the
    age of the cell it seems like a smart thing do .The person causing the
    RoadRage gets to be put behind bars,For what ever reason but mostly being a
    dumbass ,I have seen enough dummies on the road you cannot drive ,Who
    should get driving lessons some more or thrown in jail for just being a bad
    driver .I would bet a Hollywood Stunt Driver is the best Driver on the road
    ,Since everybody else sucks at it really badly .

  3. I laugh at road ragers. Nothing like being on a 1 2 lane HWY doing the
    speed limit, having some asshole pass you and 3 cars up just to sit next to
    them at the next light, thats when I smile and wave.

  4. My mom gets really angry when driving. I remember when I was a kid, she
    yelled at some guy, and he stopped and got out of his car and started
    walking towards us, and she drove off. Then a few years ago, we were going
    somewhere, and we stopped at a red light. The light turned green for less
    than a second, and some guy started honking his horn and cussing my mom out
    to go. Like goddamn xD

  5. I am VERY susceptible to road rage. I don’t ram people or drive
    aggressively, but I often yell and curse while alone in my car. This is why
    I have a job close by my home.

    Florida drivers suck!

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