• September 7, 2017

Top10 Future MIND BLOWING Google Products

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Everybody’s favorite tech conglomerate is more than just the developer of the world’s most popular search engine – it’s an empire of gadgets and gizmos and is always looking to the future! Through the semi-secretive Google X, now known simply as X, and its parent company Alphabet, Inc., Google is ready to change the future with these ten incredible products!

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10. Self-Driving Cars
9. Google Glass
8. Cancer-Detecting Pill
7. Google Brillo and Wave
6. Google Wing
5. Space Elevator
4. Talking Shoe
3. Google Smart Contact Lens
2. Makani Power
1. Project Loon


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10 thoughts on “Top10 Future MIND BLOWING Google Products

  1. Gulags in space. Where no one can hear the political prisoners scream. Mass censorship to increase overall ignorance along with a massive and incessant propaganda campaign. Rewards for those who report the deviant behavior of others; especially those those who claim to back up dissenting statements with objective facts. Cultural re-education camps to decrease ideological diversity. ‘Positive’ discrimination programs to increase physical diversity. Google aims to social engineer a better world and if a few eggs or skulls get broken during the process, what of it?

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