• January 28, 2017

Underworld Vs Resident Evil! Franchise Against Franchise!

Underworld Vs Resident Evil! Franchise Against Franchise!

Two film franchises both running more than a decade face off with five rounds to see who has the heroines, the best monsters, the best action, and the best movies. WatchMojo presents Underworld Vs Resident Evil. But who will emerge victorious? The franchise dominated by Kate Beckinsale or that of Mila Jovovich? Watch to find out!

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10 thoughts on “Underworld Vs Resident Evil! Franchise Against Franchise!

  1. You forgot one aspect of the RE films that make all of its sins redeemable
    for me: the soundtrack. And its crazy scenes in the style of
    pre-filesharing music videos. The Japan street intro, the tanker attack
    intro, the fight with the axe guy…

  2. ohhh you led with their weakest points story? hmmmm action huh? i can’t
    tell whats going on past this epileptic seizure these choppily edited
    cluster fucks induce, or just flat out cringe inducing scenes. but yo, hot

  3. When i want to impress friends that come over to watch movies in my home
    theater i always use the Underworld movies as eye and sound candy. Selen’s
    dual Beretta 92FS give you a body massage like no other whenever she fires
    them! People can’t help to say holy shit when they first feel them. Also,
    the deep bass from the Lycans breathing and Godzilla like foot stomps make
    you feel like you are locked up in the room with them in every fight scene!

  4. both are equally shit, but resident evil should have the edge because of
    their association with the video games (which actually have a smidgen of

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