• September 19, 2023

Viral Trending Reel Video Of Luis Rubiales Kiss At World Cup 2023

Viral Video of Luis Rubiales Kiss At World Cup

This is a viral video reel from Instagram which is about the double standards of what happened at the Women’s world cup final celebration of 2023. Luis Rubiales was greeting and congratulating the womens team members one by one. However with one of the players Jenni Hermoso, he seemed to grab her by the head and gave her a kiss on the lips.

There was a big backlash about this in the grounds that the kiss was non consentual and inappropriate. The Spanish FA chief later resigned due to pressure from media, players and authorities.

The viral video is however questioning whether there are double standards when it comes to this kind of incident. The video shows a scene from a popular talent show where Katy Perry, a famous celebrity, is shown tricking a contestant and kissing him on the lips and then celebrating afterwards. In both cases it can be argued that the kiss on the lips was non consentual and inappropriate however the backlash and aftermath of these event was veyr much different.

Watch the video Luis Rubiales Vs Katy Perry Kissing

Thousands of people have made their views known in the comments section of this video with the majority saying that this is double standards.

The same video on Tik Tok has also gone viral but not to the same degree, you can watch it here:

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