• July 2, 2018

What If Aliens Landed On Earth? | Alternate Reality

If aliens bothered to visit our increasingly destroyed planet, what would actually happen?

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12 thoughts on “What If Aliens Landed On Earth? | Alternate Reality

  1. what about alien bacteria?
    WHen Europeans landed in SOuth America most people died because of the diseases they carried. Noone like to apply this to aliens becasue …. well it is anticlimactic. Let’s just assume they will talk to us … that’s sounds more clever, right?

  2. I mean… the likelihood of aliens being malevolent is higher, in my opinion. Why? Malevolent and tyrannical regimes tend to have better cooperation and faster rate of expansion due to… well… force. Democratic nations can’t even decide their priorities. Look at NASA’s budget.

    While this was a joke my friend said, it hit me rather hard. I said “imagine if humans had the cooperation of ants. Imagine how much we’d get done,” to which he responded with “you’re thinking of the Third Reich.” That was a harsh slap of reality. Cooperation amongst humans usually does not result in good. Nazism… ISIS… Middle-Age Christianity… Manifest Destiny… Notice how humans don’t regularly cooperate for good. An alien civilisation that makes it into space probably didn’t get there by playing nice.

  3. This is disinformation, I say based on concrete, objective, factual information.

    Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

  4. We must be in league with the aliens and entice them to invade Earth to bring about peace and unity. Then we will betray the aliens and drive them from Earth. Only then will we transcend tribalism.

    1. I assume you’re saying because of god or whatever, (I’m an atheist) but who’s to say we aren’t god’s little side project or some shit? It’s a fact that the universe is more than quintillions of light years around, with even more planets inside, you’re saying us, a tiny spec of dust in the universe just so happens to be all life?

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