• September 24, 2018

What If Everybody Turned Vegan? | Alternate Reality

No meat, no dairy, no problems? Well that’s up to you. Here are the facts.

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10 thoughts on “What If Everybody Turned Vegan? | Alternate Reality

  1. I cant be vegan, i have anaemia. I have to have iron….silken tofu had iron and so does mushrooms, but not enough b12 and iron to help sustain myself, but i do need greens too to help sustain the b12 in my system. So not a vegetarian and not vegan. My health relies on it!

  2. What about damage to the land and environment due to all the forest we would have to cut down to grow a ridicouls amount of veg and crops? The biggest cause of deforestation is due to agriculture…to grow crops, fruit and vegetables.
    I have nothing against vegans but a lot do it because they think it is morally wrong to kill an animal but they seem to forget about the animals they are killing by destroying there homes and natural habitats of the animals. It is globally know David Attenborough hates vegans!

  3. Wow. Aside from all the synthetic vitamins and shit this seems to be a great alternate reality.. If the vitamins were supplied for free would it ultimately cost more? break even? Just imagine being the first species in existence to deny our own carnivorous impulses, to start a new chain of human evolution purely out of guilt/having a conscience.

  4. I remember reading somewhere that if we took all the land used to raise livestock, and replaced it with plants, it’d feed something like 3x as many people, and cost 1/4 less. And, if you take just the amount of water it takes to raise 1 calf to adulthood to start producing milk, the water:milk ratio works out to around 1,000 liters of water per liter of milk, and all that water could be used to water the crops instead. And the only argument that your average vegan can seem to come up with is “if you had to kill an animal yourself, you wouldn’t eat it” which is just a ridiculous argument. I had to google a better argument for vegans than vegans themselves can come up with.

  5. Awesome that when you read the comments there’s plenty of people correcting the video informing how easy it is to get all the nutrients from plants and how b12 doesn’t even come from animals. Other than that great video

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