• July 14, 2018

What If Jurassic World Was Real?

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What If Jurassic World Was Real?
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“Jurassic World” made us wish dinosaurs were still roaming the earth while also making us grateful that they went extinct over 66 million years ago. On one hand, few sights would be more awe-inspiring than witnessing a live Brachiosaurus wander by. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying than coming face to face with a Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex. If these movies have taught us anything, it’s that cloning dinosaurs and showcasing them in a wildlife park sounds like a promising business venture on paper. In the end, though, playing God would probably come back to bite us… quite literally. So, now’s as good a time as any to seriously ask ourselves, “what if Jurassic World was real?”

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15 thoughts on “What If Jurassic World Was Real?

    1. Top 10 mcu film spinoffs you didn’t know you wanted. Like a film featuring Peter quills time in space from his abduction. Same mcu actors, awesome hits vol 1 side b. Michael Rooker deserves a big as role!

    2. WatchMojo.com

      Watchmojo: What if Jurrasic Park was real?

      Alternate history hub: Hey, that was suppose to be my topic

  1. yes! i hope if in the future they make a jurassic park, they make it in san diego! just for my amousment when everything goes to hell. i would see the news with my popcorn.

  2. I mean according to Entrepreneur, scientists have stated that they would be able to recreate dinosaurs within the next 5 years, so this video provides some good preparation.

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