• September 15, 2019

What If The Amazon Rainforest Was Destroyed?

The natural world is something to be protected. For this list, we’re looking at all the devastating things that could unfold if this tropical basin is burned to the ground. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down 10 things that would happen if the Amazon Rainforest was destroyed.

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10. Climate Change Speeds Up
9. A Small Oxygen Loss
8. Major Flooding
7. The Forest Could Become a Savanna
6. The Water Cycle Changes
5. There Would Be Even More Fires
4. The Economy Crumbles

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15 thoughts on “What If The Amazon Rainforest Was Destroyed?

  1. The climate has been changing years and years when Europe and others place burned out their own forest, but now they need Amazon and don’t know much about what’s happening here in Brazil. So many talking about Amazon, let’s replanting yours forests!! It is possible! Brazil isn’t it happy with that but it isnt out of control. This all you have said is the same in Europe or any other forest. Lats work more and talk less.

  2. All wrong. A mature tropical rainforest is in carbon equilibrium. As fast as the trees absorb CO2, they also die and rot, releasing the same amount of CO2. And they do re grow. Most of the burning is of land that had already been cleared for agriculture, just has to be cleared again because the trees keep growing.

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