• June 18, 2018

What If The Internet Was Destroyed? – Alternate Reality

What if the internet was cataclysmically destroyed tomorrow? How would it impact our world, and change for generations to come? You can have a peek into that potentially terrifying parallel universe – right here, in a new series from AllTime 10s.

Sources: The Atlantic, BBC, US Library National Library of Medicine, Science Node, Living Internet, Wired, The McKinsey Institute, PEW Research, United States Cyber Consequences Unit, HowStuffWorks

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10 thoughts on “What If The Internet Was Destroyed? – Alternate Reality

  1. Life Without The Internet In 2020: 1-You stay in touch with friends and family via phone calls or handwritten letters.
    2-Shopping can be done via going to the store yourself or paying someone to go for you.
    3-Banks have been in existence for ages, the transaction used to happen offline. You needed to visit the branch yourself for depositing any money and for withdrawals, you needed to go to the same branch of the bank.
    4-News can be given to you via newspapers which you can pick up or have dropped off to home or office after giving out address to the newspaper company. The first newspaper published in America, was printed by Richard Pierce and edited by Benjamin Harris in Boston on September 25, 1690.
    5-Entertainment can be reading books, playing cards, playing chess, etc.

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