• September 10, 2018

What If There Were No Nations? | Alternate Reality

We’ve all heard John Lennon singing “imagine there’s no countries”, but what if that was actually the case? How would the world change if we no longer had countries and nations? Well we here at Alltime 10s are here to tell you just that…

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12 thoughts on “What If There Were No Nations? | Alternate Reality

  1. 1:40 STOP RIGHT THERE!!!! patriotism (nationalism, fascism etc) is indoctrinated by parnts, schools and social status (friends, governament) …. people like ME do not give aboslutely a fuck oubut our country of birth ZERO FUCKS !!!! Americans will never understand this mentality because they are fed with nationalism since day one … they even die wrapped in the union flag !
    Enjoy the world Americans … and stop joining the army,!

  2. You forgot to mention the drugs and crime one area would bring to another area, and you forgot that certain areas can only sustain a certain amount of people, and you forgot that cultures in areas are vastly different making a one World government impossible.

  3. Very interesting video! Thank you for giving me a break in the monotony of usual topics I have suffered through! Very original, very well thought-out. Thumbs up!

  4. If all of us Humans were one nation it would be in a world where aliens landed on Earth and you would see a multi diverse group of Humans beating the crap out of E.T. the alien and calling him ugly

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