• August 5, 2018

What If Time Travel Was Possible? | Alternate Reality

What would actually happen if this seemingly sci-fi phenomenon was proven to be possible?

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11 thoughts on “What If Time Travel Was Possible? | Alternate Reality

  1. If Reliable Time Travel was possible the first folks to get their hands on it would make sure you never knew it was possible and would make sure no one else would ever get their hands on it. You would never know what they have or haven’t done with it as they would use it to cover up it’s existence and usage by anyone… the ultimate secret weapon.

  2. We would never know. If it’s been kept a secret and we find out…. Someone could travel back and change the events that led us to find out.

    1. Also if you went back in time and accidentally killed a butterfly that caused the future to change, wouldn’t that have always happened? Meaning the future wouldn’t change because it already happened and that butterfly would of always been killed by the time traveller… Paradoxical mind-blowing hahaha

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