Where Are They Now? Home Improvement CAST

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Welcome to Top10Archive! After debuting in 1991, Home Improvement instantly became a hit – staying in the top 10 spots for a television series during its entire eight-season run. Since the show’s final episode on May 25th, 1999, many fans are left asking what the cast has been up to as of late – so, where is the cast of Home Improvement now?

Tim Allen – Tim Taylor
Patricia Richardson – Jill Patterson Taylor
Zachery Ty Bryan – Brad Taylor
Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Randy Taylor
Taran Noah Smith – Mark Taylor
Richard Karn – Al Borland
Debbe Dunning – Heidi Keppert
Earl Hindman – Wilson Wilson

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Voice Over Talent:

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11 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Home Improvement CAST

  1. Don’t know if I am the first to say this but,
    Zachary Ty Bryan was in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
    He races the main character in the first 10 minutes of the movie, then I don’t think you ever see him again after that.

  2. I know people cringe when they hear the words “reunion show”.. but this is one I wouldn’t mind having one…just one though. Nostalgia.

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