• April 20, 2017

Where Are They Now? Macaulay Culkin

From nearly killing the Wet Bandits to also almost killing the Sticky Bandits to trying to kill Frodo, Macaulay Culkin’s career has been a morbid one. The childhood star, our favorite angel with a filthy soul, was a Hollywood favorite for about a decade before the tropes of childn actors reared their ugly heads and ripped him from the spotlight. Though we’ve seen him here and there since 2007, we’ve aimed to find out what the youngest McCallister is currently up to in our latest Where Are They Now?

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12 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Macaulay Culkin

  1. I thought party monster was a really good film to be honest. Plus he went downhill when his family fucked him over must have been horrible to go through.

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