• October 24, 2018

Why The Venom Sequel Needs An R Rating

Why The Venom Sequel Needs An R Rating
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Sony’s 2018 “Venom” movie has generated wildly different reactions. The first film in Sony’s own Marvel Universe, it was missing Spider-Man, but did have Tom Hardy. Whether you loved it or loathed it, we think we can all agree its PG rating held it back. Here’s why we think a “Venom” sequel should shoot for an R rating.

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10 thoughts on “Why The Venom Sequel Needs An R Rating

  1. Honestly, Venom was a great movie. Was it perfect, absolutely not. It had its flaws. But watching the dynamic of Venom and Eddie was both hilarious and intriguing. They really pushed the PG 13 envalope and were able to pull a lot off. Now yes I do wish Venom was rated R, but a PG 13 rating is smart because 1, you are getting more audiences and 2, you make it easier for Venom to cross over into the MCU and gain even more money. I do hope though that it is rated R though because CARNAGE is going to be in the sequel. Either way, I enjoyed watching the film, already seen it 3 times, and i can’t wait for the sequel.

  2. So how much of this “Review” is your own opinions and how much of it is what the useless critics said? Venom was a decent watch. entertaining and had what was needed, play splatterhouse and feel the same ideas in this movie, if you make every movie oscar worthy, it becomes less entertainment and more other shit.

  3. Those two movies were made in different times. Everyone is so sensitive nowadays and have allowed SJWs to dictate Hollywood. Rated R movies are done for. RIP

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