• July 4, 2018

Woman SURVIVES Under Collapsed Building – FACT or FICTION?

When the odds are against you, do you just give up and hope for the best or do you try and put up a fight? Your answer determines whether or not you’re a survivor, whether you’d be able to endure when the odds are against you. The following three tales follow people that shouldn’t have persevered. Did they really look death in the face and, against all odds, pull through? Or, did we spin these stories up for your entertainment? It’s time to find out whether you can decide what’s fact.. or fiction.

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11 thoughts on “Woman SURVIVES Under Collapsed Building – FACT or FICTION?

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your channel, but I do know that you should change your name. I was expecting a low quality video (because I just associate that with top 10 channels), but I was pleasantly surprised. Keep up this great content.

  2. What the hell is wrong with Youtube? Yesterday when I saw this video and put it into my watch later list I also noticed that it disabled your notifications. Made sure they were turned on again. Today that I came back to actually watch the video I saw I was unsubscribed from the channel. What the actual hell?!

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