• March 16, 2018

Yet Another Top 10 Epic Cameos In Film

Yet Another Top 10 Epic Cameos In Film
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Your pick isn’t on this list? Maybe it was in one of the other two lists we made!
Top 10 Epic Movie Cameos:
Another Top 10 Epic Movie Cameos:

With the number of epic cameos out there, we could keep making these lists forever! WatchMojo presents our third list of the Most Epic Movie Cameos. But what will take the top spot? Will it be Michael Cera, Martin Sheen, or Ozzy Osborne? Watch to find out!

#10. Billy Idol
#9. Robert Patrick
#8. Danny McBride
#7. Hugh Jackman
#6. Christopher Lloyd
#5. Everyone
#4. Eminem & Ray Romano
#3, #2, #1 ?

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11 thoughts on “Yet Another Top 10 Epic Cameos In Film

  1. Your pick isn’t on this list? Maybe it was in one of the other two lists we made!
    Top 10 Epic Movie Cameos:
    Another Top 10 Epic Movie Cameos:

  2. Welp, guess they didnt have enough cameos to fill this list considering the wedding singer one already showed up in their 2nd epic cameos list…

  3. Why do Adam Sandler’s character’s rely on assaultive ‘muscle’? To help “save the day”? Is this more criminal, than ‘good’? Why does Adam Sandler always make ‘character voices’ at various points? Does Adam Sandler demonstrate, and popularize, psychological problems? Is “Adam Sandler” truly a United States citizen?

  4. The Wedding Singer: Terrible movie. Adam Sandler: Characters all usually have a psychological problem(s). Are any of Adam Sandler’s character’s truly good “role model”? Why does Adam Sandler’s character’s always have to “find something out”, like the entire responsibility of being a parent? This character would probably instantly become defensive, and accuse people of having the same problems seen demonstrated by him. Is this seriously the ruining of one’s life to be married to a possibly successful person? Not a fan of slapping though.   What is this Wedding Singer truly doing? Why do Adam Sandler’s movies always necessitate some “win fall” to occur for the character to succeed?  This movie also appears to advocate for people to not have more than one sexual relationship. The legal exception to “Adultery” is agreement. What if she was unable to conceive? What if he could not gain arousal? What if they agree with other people, be attain better biological responses, so they can help their fellow country people, to engage in sexual relationships with other people, and still respect the ‘sanctity’ of marriage? Are Adam Sandler, and Happy Madison’s characters truly the best? And is Adam Sandler’s life truly realistic?

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