• March 6, 2018

10 Audacious Scams That Actually Worked

Nobody likes getting tricked, but these scam artists (and that is the correct word) took it to a whole new level!

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10 thoughts on “10 Audacious Scams That Actually Worked

  1. About the Confidence man – dunno… this technique… For example in Russia gopniks were using this “borrow until tomorrow” thing as an alibi just in case their victim will go to police: basically the same robbery, they threaten you with a knife or a gun and ask you if they can borrow (whatever) until tomorrow…. so… dunno… was he persuasive or just had a gun

  2. You forgot to mention the longest running con. The one by politicians who claim that they are seeking election in order to represent the interests of the electorate. The amazing thing is that people keep on falling for this old con even though everyone has seen it repeated for many centuries. Astounding!!

  3. I got an email once saying I’ve been left $2.000.000 by a distance relative in America (I actually do have distance relatives in USA). All I had to do was send £2000 to release it over seas to my account….I sent them a dick pic.

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