• July 30, 2018

10 Behind The Scenes Stories That Ruin Iconic Movies

You’ll never be able to watch these movies in the same way after you hear these shocking stories from behind the scenes!

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10 thoughts on “10 Behind The Scenes Stories That Ruin Iconic Movies

  1. But Megan Fox is SOOOOOOO hot!!!! The shots of her in Transformers were pure art…. I am attracted to very few people but I defy anyone to not twitch when faced with Megan washing that car…

  2. shelley duvall – a girl way too kind and nice for hollywood, exploited back then (although she herself stated that she learnt more by kubricks ordeal than with any other director), exploited now for having mental health problems. a good, warmhearted person ruined to shit.

  3. Yes’ I’ve read about Thurman’s article it’s shocking, in the movie it’s a plain and jam to see but behind it is a physical pain of that car incident I hope it was all resolved now and she has her fair insurance in it.

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