• February 16, 2017

10 Biggest F*ck Ups In History

You may think that you’ve made some mistakes in your lifetime, but they pretty definitely weren’t as colossal as the ones in this list. From losing a key that could have saved the Titanic to the wrong turn that could have caused WW1, these are the biggest f*ck ups in history.

Music = Battle Lines by Terry Devine-King, Behind The Iron Curtain by Chris Egan/Andrew Cooksley, Boris The Blade by Barrie Gledden/Richard Lacy, Midnight Escape by Terry Devine-King, All’s Well That Ends Well by David Tobin/Jeff Meegan.

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10 thoughts on “10 Biggest F*ck Ups In History

  1. For many of these you can’t be sure it was fuck ups.

    D-Day: Allied forces knew that Rommel would leave for his wife’s b-day. Not so difficult.
    The fall of Contantinople: No way this was a treachery, or was it?
    Assasination of Ferdinand: “…their driver accidentally took them down the wrong road.” “…the car came to stop outside a sidewalk cafe.” Well to make the long story short, all of it seems way to accidentally.

  2. Well I call the destruction of his empire and the conversion of his sons into islam a victory for us so we had our revenge even though it wasn’t as brutal we still destroyed his empire nevertheless.

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