• February 16, 2017

10 SHOCKING Facts McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

Welcome to Top10Archive! In 2012, the fast food chain entered an “Age of Transparency.” No longer would it hide grotesque secrets about its food, forcing the chain to turn to healthier alternatives a fast food joint could be proud of. Despite their efforts, however, we’re still able to drudge up these ten facts that they probably don’t want you to know!

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10. Not the Largest Fast Food Chain
9. Extra Ingredients
8. Sugar Galore
7. Tax Avoidance
6. Federal Bailouts
5. Cage-Free Calamity
4. Abused Birds
3. Employee Warning
2. The McDonald’s Addiction
1. The “Healthier” Options


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8 thoughts on “10 SHOCKING Facts McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

  1. What a extremely corrupt and still unhealthy Fast Food company! I’ve suffered from the McDonald’s addiction too in my childhood days! At 28 years old, I don’t eat fast food anymore because I my thyroid health now! So sad that even your own parents don’t tell you cut back or stop eating junk food. A movie called SuperSize Me to learn a lesson from!

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