• August 1, 2018

10 Dead People Who Might Still Be Alive

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive@ Sometimes, when celebrities and people of note die, we don’t go the normal route of grieving and celebrating their life. We’re often prone to thinking the unimaginable – that they’ve faked their death and are still out there, living a different life in the shadows. Here are 10 famous dead people who are rumored to still be alive and well.

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10. Cory Monteith
9. Princess Diana
8. Andy Kaufman
7. Tupac
6. Paul Walker
5. Michael Jackson
4. Amelia Earheart
3. Marilyn Monroe
2. Elvis Presley
1. Adolf Hitler

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10 thoughts on “10 Dead People Who Might Still Be Alive

  1. It was within that moment after making this video that jim realized, they were all really dead. I believe none of them are still out there, there dead, there gone, nuff said

  2. All I can say is delete 1. ADOLF HITLER, 2. ELVIS -have read the three official autopsies carried out: HE IS DEAD WHATEVER PEOPLE MAY THINK, HOPE AND BELIEVE. You can also skip MARILYN MONROE and MICHAEL JACKSON.

  3. Marilyn Monroe was hardly a STARLET ! I could forgive some ignorant millienial for that gaffe. But I can see (unless your pictures are photoshopped) that you are old enough to know better, Jim. She was a star. Jayne Mansfieid was a starlet, if you please— although she had a much more successful life in general. I was 15 when Mariļyn died, so I was around then. I think it comes down to what you (editorial 2nd person) were willing to pay for stardom. Norma Jean paid the full price for the ticket.

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