• August 1, 2018

10 Bizarre Origins of Superstitions

I’m not superstitious… But I am a little stitious.

How many of these superstitions do you believe in?

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10 thoughts on “10 Bizarre Origins of Superstitions

  1. I have 3 black cats living with me and ever since I got the 3rd one…

    One of my old friends died (plane crash)
    My mom died (multiple medical reasons)
    Both of my dogs died (one from old age, the other from sickness)
    I almost died/gotten injured (ceiling fan nearly fell on me)
    And I’m failing horribly with YouTube/Twitch

    Since my dad wants to get rid of the 3 cats, I wonder if our lives will drastically improve. Granted, 2 of the cats I want to stay cause their family. The 3rd is just annoying and it was dumped here by my brother

  2. 💎💝we should just have to wish a good-luck to one another in the world and it attracts to those pure hearts.💝💎

  3. We have a weird superstition in Trinidad that if a person eats directly from a pot then it would rain on their wedding day! I know, weird right?

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