• February 20, 2018

10 Different Versions of HEAVEN

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! People all throughout time have lived their lives with the intention of being granted access to some grand utopia or paradise beyond the stars. Heaven has taken on various forms across the many mythologies of the world, some more fantastical or mystical than others. We’re looking beyond the mortal plane in this Archive to discover and contemplate the top ten mythical versions of heaven.

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10. Gan Eden
9. Valhalla
8. Vaikuntha
7. Jannah
6. The Otherworld
5. Nirvana
4. The 13 Heavens
3. Sekhet-Aaru
2. Elysium
1. Paradise

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15 thoughts on “10 Different Versions of HEAVEN

    1. Well I have hopes. My Mommy, whom I love with all my heart, passed Friday. But honestly? Maybe reincarnation, probably nothing. She believed in Heaven. More I wish than I believe in this though. She so deserved it.

  1. Number 1 paradise..lol this had me laughing because one could say you dont need to die to in up in paradise. My paradise is where hardy anyone been or no about.

  2. Heaven and hell isn’t a place for humans in some afterlife where you live as some spirit eternally. Heaven and hell are the way of righteousness and way of life that is aligned with God. It is here and now. If you live through the way of God, your life now will be like heaven, and conversely, if you do not, you will live in hell.

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