• December 10, 2017

10 Doctors You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Top10 of the doctors you could not believe existed.
Lets begin!
Walter Jackson Freeman “the ice pick”
This physician is known as the pioneer of lobotomy and advocate of psychosurgery. The method of transorbital lobotomy also known as the “ice pick technique” involves the introduction of a stylet or ice pick by the inner extremity of the eye and then, with a rubber mallet cutting the nerve connections of the frontal lobe of the brain. This technique was implemented in patients with severe and intractable schizophrenia.

Michael Swango “American serial killer”

Swango, on July 11, 2000, pleaded guilty to the murder of three of his patients and charges of fraud. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of being paroled. Authorities suspect that the doctor poisoned and killed about 60 patients who were under his care during the ten years preceding his arrest, while some say the figure may be as high as half a thousand.

Jacob “Jack” Kevorkian “Dying is not a crime”

He was a doctor, politician, musician and American activist. It caused controversy over the application of euthanasia to 130 patients. His motto was “dying is not a crime” – In 1999 he was sentenced from 10 to 25 years in prison for homicide and pardoned for health reasons in 2007. He was also the forerunner of the lethal injection machine.
Cecil Jacobson “Babymaker”

Popular for diagnosing non-existent pregnancies in sterile women and, furthermore, prosecuted for a total of 53 crimes, since it fertilized at least seven women in 1989 with their own semen assuring their patients that it came from anonymous donors and had been specially selected for Adjust to the physical characteristics of their husbands.

Conrad Murray “Homicidal Involuntary”

It was in 2011 when Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for Jackson’s involuntary homicide, which resulted from an overdose of the anesthetic propofol. The cardiologist, who was hired as the personal doctor of the pop icon for his return to the stage in 2009, told authorities he gave Jackson nocturnal infusions of proporfol to treat his insomnia so he could rest for rehearsals. Prosecutors alleged that his negligence included leaving Jackson unattended while the anesthetic entered in the body of the singer.

Harold Frederick “Fred” Shipman “Doctor Death”

It is not even known when Shipman started murdering patients or how many he killed. A report in July 2002 on Shipman’s activities concluded that he had killed at least 215 patients between 1975 and 1998. Most of the victims were elderly women who were in good health. Once in jail their cellmate was so terrified by what they said about Shipman.

John R. Brinkley “Goat testicles”

He Was a controversial American physician who experimented with xenotransplants of goat testicles in humans to cure erectile dysfunction in clinics throughout several states. While he was stripped of his license to practice in some states, Brinkley, a very popular character, launched himself as a Kansas gubernatorial candidate two times, one of which was almost successful.

Andrew Holton “Kill children”

This pediatrician mistakenly diagnosed more than 600 epileptic patients, one of the largest cases of misdiagnosis in the history of the NHS.
Many of their patients were prescribed a debilitating cocktail of drugs when in fact they only suffered headaches or simply behaved badly.
In total, 105 disbursements were made to former patients of Dr. Andrew Holton who were treated by him between 1990 and 2001.
Dr. Holton was suspended in 2001 after a series of complaints dating back to 1995.

Herman Webster Mudgett «dr. Holmes

He was an American serial killer. He built an hotel according to his specifications and standards where in each of his rooms he managed to perpetuate his atrocious crimes, thus being a hotel of terror. It had gas and torture chambers.
A forklift and two “slides” were used to lower the corpses to a warehouse where they were either dissolved in a bucket of sulfuric acid, reduced to dust by incineration, or buried alive in a vat filled with lime. In a room called “the dungeon” had installed instruments of torture. One of the machines installed especially drew the attention of journalists: an automaton that allowed tickling on the floor of the victims’ feet to kill them with laughter.

Josef Mengele “the angel of death”

Was a doctor, anthropologist and German officer belonging to the Nazi defense squad that during the second world war in the concentration camp selected the victims who were to be executed in the gas chambers. Mengele carried out scientific and often deadly experiments with prisoners. Tried factory blue eyes; For it injected chemicals in the eyes of the patients, causing them infections and blindness. The worst was surgery without anesthesia: the patients suffered organ removal, castration and amputations. There is no estimate of all the deaths hed caused.

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