• December 10, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! If you’ve been following us here at Top10Archive, chances are you know just how much we love our technology. The problem is… we don’t like to spend a lot. That’s when we turn to Amazon and its supply of affordable gizmos and contraptions, like these top ten coolest gadgets under $50! Links to all products in this video can be found in the description section.

10. BioLite PowerLight Mini

9. ClipityPix Cell Phone Camera Lenses

8. LeadLeds LED Car Sign

7. EasyFocus Car Power Inverter

6. VOX+ FE VR Headset

5. JFA Broadlink Home Automation

4. AES Spy Glasses

3. Antimi SmartWatch

2. Carson USB Microscope

1. Holy Stone Mini RC Helicopter Drone

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 COOLEST GADGETS ON AMAZON Under $50

  1. Thank you for this video! Perfect timing. For myself I picked up the camera lenses and am considering the usb microscope and the spy glasses. Both could be used for YT videos… For my daughter I grabbed the mini rc drone. It’ll be a good way to get her started and see if it’ll be worth it to get her a more expensive one down the road. Speaking of road, I think getting the power inverter is a great idea.

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