10 Dumbest Wars In History – WTF?

History is full of conflicts that don’t make much sense. From a war fought over bird poo, to a bloody battle instigated by the slaughter of a swine, AllTime10s brings you 10 Dumbest Wars In History.

Music: Greatest Cape by Tim Garland | March of the Goblins by Debbie Wiseman | Space Sentinels by James Brett

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9 thoughts on “10 Dumbest Wars In History – WTF?

  1. the golden stool wasnt really pointless. I mean the stool wasn’t made by
    human hand it was sorcery and it was made for the king. You can say that it
    was a pride war. Also the stool wasn’t the only reason why we fought. The
    British tried to take control over Ghana for natural resources(the gold.)
    Other than that nice video. I’m actually going to share it with my previous
    social studies teacher. He is going to probably crack up

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