• October 1, 2016

Top 10 Superheroes Who Deserve The Netflix Treatment

Top 10 Superheroes Who Deserve The Netflix Treatment

Now that Netflix has a few good superhero shows under its belt, what else could the company adapt into a hit superhero series? There is an endless amount of source material and a lot of options for characters who would make good television. With Spider-Man joining Captain America and Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we think its only fitting that Netflix expand its roster of heroes even further. Daredevil and Jessica Jones were just the start and with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders right around the corner, it’s time for WatchMojo to countdown its dream list of potential Netflix superheroes.

List Rank and Entries
01:15 #10: Angela
02:10 #9: Miles Morales
02:48 #8: Black Cat
03:43 #7: She-Hulk
04:44 #6: Cloak and Dagger
05:48 #5: Lady Sif
06:36 #4: Moon Knight
07:22 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Superheroes Who Deserve The Netflix Treatment

  1. This should be a no brainer and I’m disappointed that you guys at Watchmojo
    did not mention it. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze). I mean common! A series
    dealing with demons and bikers now that’s a recipe for binge watching
    entertainment. An the amount of money that marvel studios is making these
    days they could afford a budget for special effects.

  2. There just few issues with this list & why some of these wouldn’t

    Angela is a great & interesting character but most of that was left in the
    Spawn universe, during her run in Marvel she simply has not been developed
    enough to cause interest or justify her having her own show, she just
    doesn’t have enough hype behind her with fans for her own show right now

    Miles won’t happen because Netflix probably won’t or don’t have the budget
    for all the high flying he’d be doing & if they toned it down to not
    include so much Spider stuff I don’t think fans would be as interested in
    the show plus Miles stories deal with balancing high school & superhero
    stuff with them having such a young Spider-Man already in the movies
    there’s really not a place for Miles since he’s also a high schooler

    Black-Cat wouldn’t happen in my opinion because she’s a supporting
    character of Spider-Man, she would make for a great series but with Marvel
    not having a developed Spider-Man yet I don’t seem them just randomly
    throwing Black Cat a series without introducing her in a Spidey movie 1st,
    maybe way way down the line they’ll think about it but for now, no way

    She-Hulk I think wouldn’t happen just because honestly I think Netflix
    would look at things like this, they already have a superhero/lawyer series
    in Daredevil they won’t want another one & this would be another way way
    down the line series because with Thor 3 coming out we’re what’s going on
    with Hulk anyway & they need him for like the 1st 1 or 2 episodes to
    actually give her blood so there can be a series

    Cloak & Dagger, I just think they’re perfect for a Netflix series…..green
    light that shit, Moon knight too & Blade but please don’t make them as
    stupid as having Sticky Fingaz as Blade actually put effort into the damn
    series because all 3 of these fit perfect into the gritty on the streets
    thing Netflix has going they just need the effort put into the series

    Lady Sif has suffered for a long time of the problem of being a strong
    female character with lead potential that has gotten a fair run in things
    in my opinion most story line where she was the main star were lack luster
    or was interesting for the 90’s but are kinda dumb now, & for the longest
    of times she was really main point as Thor’s Asgard lover & that was pretty
    much it Netflix would have they’re work cut out for them in making a series
    to have Lady Sif shine the way she really deserves

    Nova’s biggest problem is budget honestly he’s a high flyer with a lot
    power I’m not sure Netflix is gonna wanna take the chance of putting that
    type of money into the show, & also they would have to set up to explain in
    the next Guardian of The Galaxy movie why Netflix Nova would have powers &
    no Nova shown in the movies did

    & finally lastly of the list Fantastic 4…..I just give up on anyone ever
    doing them any justice in any form of media

  3. What about The Werewolf By Night Netflix series ? And Me personally want a
    MCU movie about the Juggernaut and have him connected to Doctor Strange
    because both is poweeed by Magic but that probably won’t work.

  4. Ugh, Fox has done enough FF movies in the past.
    It’s time for them to give the entire film rights right back to Marvel
    Studios before the “Phase 4” came out in the future and reboot it once
    again as a possible TRILOGY.
    – 1st Marvel reboot film against the Mole Man and his “precious children.”
    – 2nd Marvel film against the Skulls and the Super Skrull.
    And finally…
    – 3rd and final Marvel’s ‘FF’ movie against the TRUE Dr. Doom with Namor
    the Sub-Mariner as an anti-hero…

    Fox may keep the entire ‘X-Men’ cinematic universe franchise to make some
    good money every year, I mean seriously…

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