• March 29, 2019

10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

These historical figures have always been lauded as heroes, with their best moments in life being spoken about constantly. But what about their darker sides? These are 10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things…

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16 thoughts on “10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

    1. To quote Superman in “Batman vs Superman”: “No-one stays good in this world.” I was surprised by a few of them. We are all only human, and as such, inherently flawed.

    2. Yes
      But I never cared much about Teresa and Jobs himself
      Plus she looks like an evil old hag
      Job’s puts poor people to pay crap with a scary bill, his phones SUCK and I refuse to try them

    1. That’s what makes a great leader in time of war. I’m a right-wing libertarian and disagree with some of FDR’s policies but still believe him to be one of the best presidents America has ever been granted.

  1. I wish there was a separate audio track without the backup singer. The anglophonic accent is difficult enough to hear as it is, much less understanding it without any captions.

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