• March 29, 2019

10 Remote Tribes Untouched by Society

From North Sentinel Island, to the Awa people of Brazil – these are 10 Remote Tribes Untouched By Society…

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10 thoughts on “10 Remote Tribes Untouched by Society

  1. The Huaorani aren’t “untouched” anymore. After the 5 missionaries were killed, their wives and children came back and continued their work. Most of the tribe has since converted to Christianity and there are people still working with them. Jim Elliot’s wife and Nate Saint’s son even met the men who killed the 5 missionaries and forgave them. Steve Saint has even been working to get them educated on certain practical skills that these people don’t have and we take for granted. They are very much an independent group of people, but they are not untouched and haven’t been several decades.

    Seriously man, your research is extremely lacking lately.

  2. I find all the comments condemning “big business” and their profit motives utterly hilarious. For whom do you think these nasty businesses are killing and poisoning? US! We first world consumers that’s who. How can you damn the loggers then turn around and purchase the very logs harvested? Oh right….you needed a backyard deck.

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