10 Incredible Pixar Theories

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From Wall-E being the opposite of the cute little rubbish collector we see, to the entire Pixar Universe being connected. Here are 10 theories about the incredible animation studio that is, Pixar!

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10 thoughts on “10 Incredible Pixar Theories

  1. Quick question anyone know what happened to dave and john? Used to love those two on here and there own channel… just seems like they’ve vanished?!

  2. You never seen the movie monster&co? At the end sully and the little girl see each other again….. and the movie up imaginary? Tech that helps dog’s talk (can be made) and that bird is real…. dont know the name but I have seen pics of the real bird and it’s really cool.

  3. In my head, I imagine number 5 being the other way round; the super powers allow the Incredible characters to behave a certain way, with the abilities reinforcing how they should act. The baby is only shown to be able to transform his composition, like if Colossus from Xmen could change into more than just metal

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