• February 6, 2018

10 Method Actors Who Took It Way Too Far

Being an actor ofcourse requires dedication to the role you are playing. But these actors certainly took it to the extremes in order to provide a convincing portrayal.

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15 thoughts on “10 Method Actors Who Took It Way Too Far

    1. Paul Walker, I mean he wasn’t “Officially” a method actor, but he was in a movies where he drove fast cars and he died in real life in a fast car. He lived his life much like the character from the Fast Franchise.

  1. Paul Walker should be on this list. He was famous for movies driving fast cars, and he died in a fast car, he might not have said he was a method actor but he lived like Brian driving fast cars and racing.

  2. Leto wanted to put a respectable amount of work into following up to Heath Ledger. This is completely understandable. But then the rest of the production was not so interested. It ended up being a wasted effort, mostly. There movie was actually supposed to have a big chunk of story with the Joker and Harlequin. And if that came to happen, then we probably would be praising Leto for his dedication. It was all scrapped.

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