• March 8, 2018

10 Mind-Bending Paradoxes

These paradoxes may well keep you up at night!

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17 thoughts on “10 Mind-Bending Paradoxes

  1. I like the paradox of the mountain and the grain of sand. There is a certain mountain which consists purely of grains of sand. Let’s say one million grains. If you remove one grain of sand, it is still a mountain of sand, yes? So a mountain minus one grain is still a mountain. Hoewever, if we repeat this another 999.997 times we’re left with a mountain of 2 grains, from which we can then remove one grain of sand, and still have a mountain. Therefore, a grain of sand is a mountain.

    1. In the time it takes the guy to run 500 meters the tortoise has moved 50 meters….. So if the guy runs 1000 meters the tortoise will have moved 100…. So the man is 900 meters ahead well taken over the tortoise….

  2. MY thoughts on each of these.
    10. That is not a paradox, it’s just mathematics.
    9. Not a paradox, It is just a silly story of a man in death row.
    8. Not a paradox, it is a simple contradiction.
    7. I guess so, but self preservation would override it would it not?
    6. One of my favorite paradox’s. It proves omnipotence is impossible.
    5. huh…..confusing.
    4. This is only true if there is only one timeline, or if time cannot be split into other universes.
    3. Eventually you would stop completely as there is such as thing as smallest amount of space possible in which moving forward would be impossible. So completing your journey would be impossible.
    2. yep.
    1.Thesus ship is not a paradox. The moment you replace a single piece of the ship that is not intended to be replaced, such as a plank is the moment is when the ship is no longer the original ship.

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