• July 29, 2019

10 Most Incompetent Governments In History

Everybody complains about the leaders of the country they live in, sometimes unfairly, sometimes justifiably – but these really do take the cake. From bizarre rules & laws to almost destroying their own country, these are the 10 most incompetent governments in history.

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13 thoughts on “10 Most Incompetent Governments In History

  1. Lula’s government in Brasil (2002-2010) was the most corrupt government in human history. He putted the country in an horrible debt, and preferred social services to let the country making jobs. BTW, if you are benefited by social programs, u would be considered employed by his government. He and his successor (Dilma Rousseff) segregated the country in groups (women, black, poor…) rather than calling us the People. And of course, endless bribes to fund the World Cup and the Olympics, which were promised to be 100% funded with private money. Brazil is still paying for this.

  2. #1 definitely not. You can’t blame him for not wanting more conflict. How at the time would he know for sure Hitler would do what he did.

  3. If Chavez/Maduro is not in this list i unsubscribe.

    You never let down Alltime 10s.

    Only one thing: Hugo chaves took state office in 1998. we can say this regimen is a dinosaur that comes from the XX century.

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