• May 12, 2017

10 Mysteries Of Ancient Japan

With a rich history tracing back to prehistoric times and one of the most identifiable cultures on Earth, Japan is an absolute treasure-trove of intriguing facts. But itโ€™s also home to a number of perplexing mysteries – from the purpose of spooky clay dolls to rumors of cursed swords.

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11 thoughts on “10 Mysteries Of Ancient Japan

  1. All you had to do was put the Japanese words in google translate to see how they were pronounced. You lose almost all credibility when it’s clear that you couldn’t even put in the five seconds of research to see how to say these words. Japanese pronunciation is notoriously easy and you butchered it.
    Not to mention, that a lot of the info was taken right from your single source without cross checking in any way. This is shameful work. Put effort into your content next time.

    1. in what reality do you think j is pronounced like g?? How does Kojiki become kogeekee???? Are you one of those people who says sudoku as suduku?

  2. Lol,theirs a lot of stupid experts,who think water create steps,and geometric angles,and here again we have the Jews trying to say they created Japan,what a joke !!

  3. Its so disgusting we have monarchs. Its disgusting we have the concept of royalty. Motherfuckers that are called special because of their family, and even worse the ones deluded enough to believe it.

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