• December 10, 2017

10 Mythical Creatures With Scientific Origins

Everyone knows about Vampires, Dragons and Zombies, but how did those creatures actually come about? It turns out there’s more to it than just imagination. Here’s 10 Mythical Creatures with Scientific Origins.

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10 thoughts on “10 Mythical Creatures With Scientific Origins

  1. The kraken is a giant squid. Everyone knows that. Zombies are real in a sense too though. In the animal kingdom there are various species of insects and so on that are technically zombies. Like the ant that is a walking fertilizer for a certain type of fungus. The spores go inside it, control it’s body to suit it’s needs, then when it’s ready it forces it to climb and bursts forth from the ants corpse releasing spores of new fungus to start the cycle anew. There are also all kinds of insects that lay their eggs in unsuspecting prey, who then only function as incubation and food for said eggs as they hatch and grow up enough to be on their own. Nature is scary as hell. There are literally beings on our planet destroying brain function to suit their own needs. If that’s not a zombie I don’t know what is.

  2. Yup agree, the Cyclops was in the Bible. I believe.. (called different name) vamps I agree with. Don’t know about mermaids but only sirens. I don’t know much about Griffiins. Werwolves I heard back when the witches were alive people who were into witchcraft not really necessarily meaning they were using Magic but they cursed or Hicks men that was being mean to women and made them aggressive and growing long hair because of stress but it wasn’t a spell more like drugs. ( That causes aggression… werewolves.) I have no Idea about the next one. Dragons I thought their were lizards or dinosaurs. Kraken???? I heard in video games LOL….. 🦄 Butt Stallion!!! Zombies are like understandable but I heard the made this medicine that mad they crazy and hard to away from


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