• April 16, 2017

10 NEW Countries That Could Exist In Ten Years

We live in an ever-changing world. And sometimes that change even means entirely new countries popping up. From a unified Korea to an independent Texas, AllTime10s presents 10 new countries that could exist in 10 years.

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10 thoughts on “10 NEW Countries That Could Exist In Ten Years

  1. If u search up uyghur the east Turkestan people they are not bad people a lot of the stuff they are saying about east Turkestan is bs if you search up uyghur on YouTube you will just find acting and singing because they are humble people in. Reality

  2. so… what does Texas plan on doing with all the federally funded US military bases… and equipment. they don’t really own any of it, so ‘Merica is probably going to be like “yeah… um, those tanks, M2’s, and MWraps you guys have… those are ours.” Hopefully the rumor that everyone in Texas carries is true, or they will be short a military. Oh and Mr President, you might want to hold off on that wall… it might be a little shorter here soon.

  3. I’ve been to Xinjiang (East Turkistan), and it’s very apparent the Uyghur deserve independence. You forgot to mention the different language, culture, religion, and food there.

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