• December 18, 2017

10 People Born With Extra Body Parts

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! When people are born, they’re expected to have two hands, two arms, two feet, two legs, a heart, two kidneys, two eyes – well, you get the point – but sometimes what’s expected isn’t always what happens. Physical mutations aren’t an uncommon thing but these ten people were born with what some may consider the weirdest extra body parts ever.

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10. Deepak Paswan
9. George Lippert
8. Rokaya Mohamed
7. Lakshmi Tatma
6. Hannah Kersey
5. Jean Libbera
4. Hazel Jones
3. Francesco Lentini
2. GardenofGandalf
1. DiphallicDude

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15 thoughts on “10 People Born With Extra Body Parts

    1. I was actually born with an extra little finger (right below my thumb), but the doctors removed it shortly after I was born due to them worrying about it causing problems in the future.,….. Kinda wish they took a picture of it before they sliced it off… >:(

  1. Wastn’t the double dick dude revealed as a hoaxter with photoshop skills? His dick size (and appearance) changed in the pics. That was in Reddit, also the revelation that his book is totally BS.

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