• August 16, 2019

10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate Change

It’s pretty much a 100% scientific consensus that we’re going to face a climate emergency soon. But the effects of that change in climate come in a variety of terrifying ways, some of which you may not expect… here are 10 Undeniable Consequences of Climate Change.

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19 thoughts on “10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate Change

  1. putting in consideration the humans only make 2% of the C02 i find the is a little the we can do to help, the planet climate has been dynamic, remember or research for the Ice edges, yes with the S because there has been many in the past and yes the planet got almost all ice cover and back to almost no ice at all, if is there something the we need to do is learn or plan how to adapt to the climate

  2. The thing that worries me is the dumbass climate change deniers despite overwhelming evidence. Greed and profit are the problem and need to put people 1st

  3. The fact that they use the term global warming to summarize this shows how little they know about it. Ask any geologist about temperature change throughout the eras and they’ll tell you that global warming is actually global oscillation. The earth gets hot then it gets cold. That’s why there has been multiple ice ages and desert ages. The only difference with this one is that we sped it up by 1000x. However, we cannot say that it will end the planet. According to past trends, the earth eventually cools back down after it gets to hot and life survives anyways. To say this won’t happen and the worst will happen is wrong because *we really don’t know for sure*

    1. AlxFitz yup. It was from the start because this is actually the earths 10th or so global warming. The only problem with it happening so fast is life doesn’t have enough time to evolve to meet the hotter conditions. It’s a really interesting situation

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