• August 16, 2019

10 People Who Could End The World

THE END IS NEAR, EVERYBODY GET READY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD! But who’s going to end it all? Of course, we all immediately think of Trump, or Putin, or Kim Jong Un, but some of these could surprise you… These are 10 People Who Could End The World.

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15 thoughts on “10 People Who Could End The World

    1. @Løûrd LPS plus , you live in your own burble man, you dont know nothing about what or who this people are , stop the media stupidity and take your time and do your own research. Regards

    2. @Mya Jasmine Biiiii- okay, hunty hi. I’m a human, and I like biology, and I can tell you, everything is a spectrum. Not to mention it’s been scientifically proven gay people are natural. We are natures birth control. If something goes wrong, or if you’ve had a bunch of kids, and you really don’t need that many grandkids, BOOM gay baby! Not to mention, before you claim we are genetically less than you, socially smart people are much more likely to be gay than less intelligent individuals. Now I’m sorry I can’t give you sources, but you can research. Why does it matter. Gay marriage won’t effect you, it’s not like everyone is gay. You’ll be fine.

    3. @jpsr20det Well they may be illegal, but as a white privileged person I’m telling you, Nobody deserves to be locked in a cage. Nobody deserves to have their parents taken away from them. Stop dehumanizing these people. They are humans like me and you, and they are trying to get to safety. Do you think they are crossing the borders for kicks and giggles!? And no drugs do not come from that border. You see a person of a different color, and you shame them. And you instantly think of them as a criminal, so you put pure hated behind that. It’s ok to have opinions, it’s not okay to assume someone is a ‘illegal’ which is actually just a human in need.

  1. climate change? sure. human caused climate change? no on your life. the 99% consensus you speak of is from the ipcc which is comprised of a group of bureaucrats as much as it is “scientists” anthropogenic climate change is a money grab and wealth redistribution scam in an attempt to push globalism.

  2. lol dat anti iran propaganda, they have been following the deal agreements all along until usa started pushing an unessecary war for their precious resources

  3. No only does the US have less effect on climate change compared to China but 90% of ocean pollution comes from Asia and other continents.

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