• December 8, 2017

10 Video Games That Predicted The Future

From predicting war in Georgia to the succession of Kim Jong Il, these games certainly looked into the crystal ball!

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10 thoughts on “10 Video Games That Predicted The Future

  1. Another thing that Deus Ex predicted was in the first game, they had to cut the World Trade Center from the background for the size of the image to shrink, thus making the game run faster. They then had an explanation that it was swiped out by terrorists because no one can just go with the first answer. The thing is, the game was released on 2000. One year before the incident, shocking right?

    TL;DR they predicted 9/11 in a nutshell

  2. Also Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty predicted that one can control society by controlling the information available to it, the nsa spying (who was conspiracy back then), the euphemisms used today to control people through political correctness and many other things.

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