10 Ways AI Could Ruin Your Life

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Humanity has done a pretty good job recently of creating robots to perform things we really don’t want to do. But there is certainly potential for this to include decisions that have pretty dire consequences.

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15 thoughts on “10 Ways AI Could Ruin Your Life

    1. I mean does anyone on these channels fact check anything they put out? At least one of the items was at best very misrepresented by the video which took the sensationalist view on what happened with no care for the actual facts.

  1. If people are going to make AI’s, they need to know the difference between making our lives easier and reducing the value of human life. Sadly, they don’t. We will more than likely be fisted by the cold, metal hand of the Terminator, and/or HAL, and/or GLaDOS, and/or the Meta.

  2. -I am a robot and I want to destroy humanity
    -oh really?who is going to give the weapons to do so?humans?and if you destroy us who is going to provide you electricity?the animals?
    -eeeeeh,dammit I didn’t think of it very well.

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